This week flew by

Hey. this weeks just flew by for us over here. We seriously feel like yesterday was monday. it ́s weird but cool because this week was a lot of fun to be honest.

well Tuesday we went to another area to do divisions with the zone leaders in their area which is right next to ours. It was cool because first we made and ate pancakes and they had MAPLE SYRUP! like the real kind! it was a little different then what I remember but it was really good. DSC03640

Also I got to meet some really nice people and one family is actually family of a part member family that we are teaching. Their oldest daughter isn ́t a member and is one of those young women that like to contradict everything you say, basically she does what you tell her not to do and doesn ́t do what you tell her to do. So we ́ve kind of focused on her family more and she ́s all like ̈oh and when are you going to baptize me? ̈

We put a date for her to be baptized so we pray it will happen .

Anyways well we ́ve been working with some other families, like one side note: they use the last names of the father and mother here which is kind of cool, they are really cool. We are going to baptize their kids because the mom is already a member since almost birth but hasn’t ́t gone in 11 years. Well they are excited to be baptized and are coming to church every sunday and the dad, who isn’t a member is listening also and also their sister in law.

it ́s really cool. oh but one sad note that really bugs me is that one of the families we are teaching have a neighbour that lives in the same building as them, they brought her to church and we taught her and she really likes everything. So we ́ve been visiting them and all of a sudden this week they tell us that their landlord, who lives above them, told them that we (the missionaries) aren’t ́t allowed to visit them anymore or enter their property.

It horrible because the family were really sad about it and even our investigator. I was like really? what did we do? the worst is they didn’t ́t give a reason and when we went and they were there we told them that we wished to talk to them to resolve the problem and say sorry and all that like adults, well they didn’t ́t even want to talk to us. it was like really?Apparently they are super religious in their own faith… but it ́s like wow childlike much. anyways well we are figuring that out.

Also this week we went to help/talk with an investigator-the guy i told you that has basically broken every law in the states, well we went with him and he told us about his problems, economical, emotional and health wise. We shared some scriptures and i think he ́s coming around. he really likes it when we come over to help out. He ́s really nice though. a really cool guy.



It ́s really interesting how more work seems to be popping up. I really like how we are working me and Elder Vazquez. We get along well. It ́s really cool right now the mission. i hope neither of us get changes this cycle because we are working really hard here. working with the members also is a lot of fun. I just am really enjoying the mission right now. got to work harder but everything is working out so far and i feel the blessings of God in it.

it ́s really weird weather here though. like a lot of rain and wind. for the people  here it ́s cold but you know Canada so don ́t feel it as bad but like it ́s cold and windy one moment and the next it ́s like super hot and sunny. it ́s weird. but oh wells. well i hope everything is going well. i ́m working on taking more pictures. this Monday that comes we are going to Teotihuacan again but they are doing some cool special event for Easter there so i ́ll try to take some cool pictures of it. Always praying for you all!

love Elder Turnbull

No more hand washing

I am trying to take more pictures but i am boring and never really do-anything picture worthy. but i do try when i remember.

ya the Family L  is really cool and told me about friending you on fb. yes she ́s the mom. they help us out a lot. They ́re a really cool family.
yes those quotes help alot actually. <sigh> it seems to come in waves this problem. All many of our investigators tell us about their problems with their spouse and all that. i think it ́s something in the water all at once. but yes we trying to help them out as much as we can. thanks for the ideas!
oh nice! i miss the snow. everyone keeps asking me about weather it ́s always cold and i tell them no but half the year more or less.
Some  long-term investigators  now want to be baptized but we are trying to see why because sometimes it ́s not for the right reasons. also a lot of children  that need us to baptize for various reasons.  Some families that are really cool. though one Fam  are a little frustrating because they accept everything and are reading and praying but every time Sunday comes around something pops up and they can ́t go.
ahhhhh its discourage when people don ́t show up.
Also one guy we found who is living with an less active. He ́s got one heck of a story, he used to live in New york as a waiter, delivery guys and stuff like that. has worked in the best restaurants. but he has broken i think every law that they have over there. he ́s falsified money, IDs, he ́s stolen, he ́s extortion, he ́s even been involved with a bunch of other stuff, he was even 4 or 5 blovcks away from the twin towers were hit. but he ́s all calmed down now, says he wants to be a good example for his family and he ́s been quitting alcohol and drunks. a really chill guy, down to earth.  You wouldn ́t think with his history but he ́s really cool and really likes it when we come over.
YES! Laundry we are washing with the fam –  because they have a washing machine. so we wash with them because it ́s easier. I am so grateful!12674163_932993416779852_87959186_n (2)
ya my eyes are fine. One set of glases are a little crooked but the other is fine so it should be alright. alright will do. and  our YM getting ready for a mission; he ́s not going out for a year. for personal reasons but he wants to go out and we are helping him not get discouraged. It happens. I just pray he stays strong.
well Love you! always praying for you.
Love Elder Davis Turnbull

Crazy, Beautiful, difficult week

Hola Mama,

My week has been so crazy and busy. I am soooooo tired!!! But it´s great because we´ve met so many new people and have new investigators. Most are mothers. They are really nice and it´s great to have new people to teach. One woman accepted everything we´ve said. Sadly no one came to church because of father’s day. Strange because you´d think it´s father’s day so shouldn´t we show respect and gratitude for the father of our body and of our spirit? Step by step.

I’m glad Fathers day went well. I loved that Carson made it extra special and made Laura wait too. Oh dinner.
I miss the food from home. Yes the food here is really good but it´s always the same thing. I like variety.

That sounds like a good idea to have a leader take everyone down to the Young Single Adult. I kind of wish I had something like that to help me into YSA. But sounds like Laura is having fun. YSA looking back was a lot of fun. sigh i guess i have to accept the fact i´m getting older. sigh…

I´ve noticed here that making friends is so important! She needs to get over her shyness and make friends.

Oh cool about Peters baptism! That´s good you are giving a talk! My suggestions? Off the top of my head; if it´s on baptism just share how it´s the end of his old life and now he gets a fresh slate and is now a new person and will be able to do a lot. If it´s on the spirit then talk about the gifts of the Holy Ghost, how he can comfort us and guide us. And always end with a testimony. Make it personal.

This week I´ve improved my Spanish a lot ad feel like I’m doing better as a missionary. It´s been crazy
I feel like I’m coming closer to Christ as well as a person. It´s honestly been one of the hardest weeks but also one of the best I’ve had here. It´s odd; but I don´t mind. I just hope I can be a better missionary.DSC01055

Love Elder Davis Turnbull

Thanks for the Birthday wishes!

Thank you for the birthday wishes! It really means a lot! I received one from You with all the letters from the Ward and such which was really cool. Honestly made my day. I got it the day after but even still was really nice to get. Also got a package from Carole anne too! Can you tell everyone thank you so much for the birthday wishes! Honestly it was really nice to get all those birthday wishes! It really meant a lot.DSC01052

We visited of Garcias converts before he left which is really cool. The people really like him and miss him. I hope it will be the same with me with my converts! That would be really nice. I hope I get better at Spanish too! but thank you again for everything! It’s been great!

A favor to ask! I’ve been getting really interested in family history during the mission for some reason. Would you be able to send me any of our family history stories?

Been sick from the food here which has been ¨fun¨

Its good Laura got a job but it´s better here because they make the employees here wear ridiculous uniforms from the 80s and other things! It´s funny.

Changes went good. My new companion is Elder Gutiérrez from Chile. My comp is the district leader. (So was my last too.) He has served for 18 months and is cool. chill. I saw a few other elders at changes and one of them is in my old área and told me that one of my converts is going strong in the church. He has the priesthood and blesses the sacrament and all that. That was really cool to hear.

This week has been a lot of walking. Looking for returning and new people to teach. Not much obvious success but trying to not let that get me down. I have been feeling the spirit a lot and hope that is can get better as a missionary. I have been teaching one of my converts families. They are really receptive and are really nice. Big problem is everyone has to work on sunday so yes thats been a bit frustrating. Little by Little.

Love you to! hope this weeks is really good for all of you!

Elder Davis Turnbull

This week has been a lot of walking. Looking for returning and new people to teach. Not much obvious success but trying to not let that get me down. I have been feeling the spirit a lot and hope that is can get better as a missionary. I have been teaching one of my converts families. They are really receptive and are really nice. Big problem is everyone has to work on sunday so yes thats been a bit frustrating. Little by Little.

Love you to! hope this weeks is really good for all of you!

Elder Davis Turnbull