Jan 1st

via email “Jan 1st 2015
Hey Mom! It´s been really great here! That´s really great about Jessica’s wedding! I’m sad I missed it but I’m glad it was great! and awww well I’m glad people remember me and wish me luck! I need it! Tell them my thanks!!! Oh that´s too funny about the name. Sister Davis!

There´s an Elder Davis here at the MTC as well! It´s funny! Also concerning the other Canadian Missionary he´s leaving this Monday so I won’t be able to talk to him for long but it´s great to have another Canadian here! My district is always surprised when I say “oh ya we have that too..” or things along those lines! They keep asking if we have Walmart or Costco or if we speak French.
Apparently no one calls the Bathroom a Washroom in the USA. It´s kinda funny when I ask my companion if we can go to the washroom and he looks at me all confused.

It´s really great here! I love the MTC or CCM (Centro de Capacitacón Misional)! So one of the districts from our branch left this last week so guess who are the new Zone leaders?
Me and Elder Ybañez! I’m so excited to be a zone leader! We get to oversee the district leaders and help them out, talk to and help out the new missionaries that just came in yesterday (Dec 31) hopefully I do a great job!
My Spanish is getting better! Little by little! But we talked to an actual investigator who volunteered to be taught by us and WOW!!! Do they speak fast!!!! my companion is really good at Spanish but even he was like “What?”
Man I really need to practice Spanish if I’m gonna be able to even listen to what they´re saying! But again I’m getting better slowly! I even find myself forgetting English as I learn Spanish! I have my faith in the lord that he will help me! Singing in Spanish is awesome! I don´t know why but it sounds better in Spanish when we sing hymns.

Christmas was amazing here! So many devotionals! We watched a broadcast from the Provo MTC where Elder Russell M Nelson and his wife talked to us. I really liked a quote that Sister Nelson gave that has become my motto for the MTC “Obedience brings about blessings, but Exact Obedience brings about miracles”!
We all sang Called to serve! It was so cool, knowing in 12 other MTCs around the world over 2500 missionaries, in English, Spanish, French, Tagalog, Portuguese, and many other languages were singing that same hymn at the same time! It was really spiritual! We also got to hear from David A Bednar where he talked about “Getting over yourself” how this mission isn´t about us but others! I really liked his talk! The food here continues to blow my mind! sooooooo gooooooooood!!!!
Anyways we watched “Meet the Mormons” movie which was really uplifting and great to hear the stories of people in the church! Also every branch had to sing some Christmas hymns one at a time and it was so great! Ours was the best though because we had all the pro singers. A really, really talented piano guy who is like mind blowing good and someone who knew the violin! I say that with humility of course!… But it was really good and I’ve been feeling the spirit really strongly here!

I can´t wait to go out and help those that need help!
It feels weird though that I’ve been here 3 weeks now! One elder told me and I totally agree with him that “the days feel like weeks, and the weeks feel like days” It´s been so crazy! I really hope I’m ready by the time I leave. So much work here though! Like I am so tired! At the same time I’m glad I am so that I can become the best missionary I can be! Oh Everyone who reads this please send me an email of your favorite Scripture! That would be really great and helpful!

And ok can´t wait to hear Laura’s blood giving story!
Oh btw i was wondering if either you could send me like another pillow or the rest of my ties? I found out all my ties are proper size and that most of my ties look the same here. Also some pictures of the extended family and the house? I find that people really like it when you show them stuff about your life and apparently investigators and members here love seeing pictures of our lives before. And thank you! I really like that talk you sent! and I love you too!”