I can sleep! Jan 15th

xcerpts from today’s email from Elder Turnbull. I love Thursdays! “Jan 15th 2015
I´m really glad you got the pictures! I don´t have many pictures this week cause we are only allowed taking pictures on our P-day and I forgot to charge the battery.

That’s funny about your slippers. Well at least you won´t be walking out of the house with them on accidentally anymore. I do miss having dogs in the house. though one of the elders in my casa is messy like a dog so I guess that helps smile emoticon

This week has been interesting. I´ll start off with the sad which was that we lost one of our Elders today. He went back home because of personal stuff. It was really sad to see him go. Our whole district was really sad that day. I am going to miss him.

But on the bright side Elder Ybañez and I got Elder Gibson, the shorter. as our new companion. So we are now a trio and it´s going really well. We get along and are becoming really good friends.

On Sunday we were able to watch the church video called ¨Only a stonecutter¨which is really good and spiritual! also we were able to watch a broadcast from the Provo MTC where Elder Russel M. Nelson spoke to all the missionaries of the world in the MTC around the world (About 2500 missionaries) He talked about how we teach people not lessons.

I really felt that was true this week because during TRC, where we teach actual volunteers from outside the MTC, me, Elder Ybañez and Elder Gibson were able to teach this man named C—.

My heart went out to this man. He was about 70 years old and a member for a while. His conversion was really cool where one day he was reading a book on Jesus Christ and wondered about him and then the missionaries showed up at the door that exact moment. He was baptised but his family wasn´t and it´s really sad because it was obvious he loves his family very much. His wife is Catholic and his daughters live elsewhere. The Spirit was so strong while we taught him about the story of Alma and Alma the younger. I was able to totally understand what he was saying and was able to bear my testimony about how the gospel can and will bring families closer together and through prayer, reading the Book of Mormon and keeping the commandment that the Lord will help him and his family. That was the best part of my week because I found out what it really means to love your investigator. I hope I helped him and I hope to be able to help anyone else. I can´t wait to get out into the field.

I love reading the Book of Mormon. It was become my favorite book. I don´t know why but it just is so great to be able to sit down and just read it during personal study. So many great stories and great spiritual experiences. I just wish there was more time to just sit and read.

The days here are interesting because it´s almost the same everyday but different. I’m really happy because I’m getting better at spanish so I can start talking with the locals and the spanish missionaries. Though i am far from fluent it´s really nice talking to them. The people of mexico are just so nice. I am loving Mexico more and more.
I met a missionary who is from the mission where I am going to serve and he says that the food is so much better and spicier then here at the CCM. I can´t wait to try it. Also it´s interesting that their major meal is lunch instead of dinner. I guess that will take some time to get used too.

All in all everything is great here. Learning and studying and alot of spanish. It´s really weird to think I’ve already been here for a month now. Like i´m 1/24th done my mission already. That´s mind blowing to me and i just hope i can use my time effectively these next 23 months to help as many people as I can and be a tool in the Saviors hands.

I’m am just trying hard to be the best I can for my mission and investigators. but yes the spirit is so strong here i love it. and actually i´m here for 7 weeks. I head out into the field on feb2. I think we are here for 7 instead of 6 weeks because of Christmas but who knows.

Yes, They gave us a pair of spanish scriptures when we got here so I am good there. and yes we clean our casa (house) every P-day as we do our laundry.

We get about an hour every day for physical activity. Usually we play basketball, volleyball or go to the gym.

and no, I haven´t got a a letter yet but i got the pillow, towels and the tie hanger! All of which are really useful and my district is jealous so thank you so much!!! it really helps! I can sleep! And extra towels were needed.

I really hope your week goes really well. It´s going great here.

Love you! Elder Turnbull