My first week and using a washboard…

Hola! Wow that´s cool that Ca10865963_925773897446669_7940747748692986533_orson made a cool poster for my quote!

I really hope Carson doesn´t grow anymore because I like being the tallest. ahhhhhh I kind of miss the snow; though I LOVE the weather here. So nice, it never goes below 5 degrees.

My mission is great. I´m in a branch with a guestament of maybe 50 people or so. I had to give a talk on missionary work along with 3 other missionaries. I didn´t do horrible. I had one or two gramatical errors but other then that I think I did really well.
The members are all really nice and kind. Apparently Turnbull is really really hard for people to pronounce here. it´s kind of funny because they´ll pronounce it as ¨Trunboll¨ or ¨Toonbal¨

My trainer is really cool. Elder Stiener. 21 from Utah, third youngest out of 8 I believe and is really good at Spanish and English so he helps me study and talk. We get along really well and he´s really chill.10448482_925237360833656_7000343695904192201_o
My last week in the MTC was sad, my whole zone was sad that we were leaving because we got pretty close. It really felt like we had only been there 2-3 weeks though. It was weird, it felt like time just flew by.

The night before we all left we talked and just recounted our time at the CCM which I shall miss. The morning of Elder Gibson took out these sparkling apple ciders his mom had sent him for new years and we went to the comidor to share it with the other missionaries that were going to the same mission. It was great but sad.

We got in a van and headed to the mission home. We met the assistants to the president, one had 19 months in the mission the other was leaving two days later. They were really cool and really nice. We got to the mission office and we met the president and his wife. They were awesome. Well I talked more with Sister Stutznegger then with President Stutznegger. We talked a lot about the mission. Like what´s the food like, how is the success in our mission and such. It´s really cool.

We had an orientation and then just kind of chilled the rest of the day. I get the feeling that is going to be the only time we will be able to just not worry and relax. We bonded me, my companions and the Latin missionaries that are in our mission as well. It was cool because some of them know a lot of english and cool tricks.

We got up the next day and sang and studies and got ready to go and get assigned to our area. It was kind of nerve wracking but at the same time it wasn´t.10960030_925774117446647_6514832315232725441_o

Sadly I didn´t see Gaby/Elder Padron. We sat up at the stand in front of a good 100-120 missionaries. We gave a small hello and then the assistants to the president told us our companions and any other changes to the mission.

It was kind of a blur to be honest.

All I remember was after we ended up fitting 14 missionaries and 3 members + luggage of half those missionaries into 1, 8 seater truck. it was hilarious because some of us had to sit/lay on each other. I would´ve taken a picture there was no room to move at all. it was hilarious. O
(oh that reminds me before I forget that they have BLOCKBUSTER here! it´s still alive! I freaked out when I saw it!)

Anyways ya we got to our mission home where Elder Stiener, myself and two other elders live. Main transportationfor us is either by foot, by bus or by comby(aka a van made to run like a public bus) i prefer walking though, better exercise,

It´s a nice place. I totally would not mind having a place like this as my first apartment. It needed a little cleaning which I spent a little bit of time doing. . Oh btw we actually have to HANDWASH our clothes. So tell Laura and Carson that maybe they shouldn’t complain about washing dishes. I´d say my bed is comfy, my companion said it wasn´t but I’m one of those people that can sleep anywhere so ya. the only thing i don´t like about it is that it squeaks everytime i move. but i can live with that. Stove is gas but we use a hotplate instead to save gas for our showers and hot water.

Then we went to an lunch/dinner appointment with a family. We got there and I could only understand half of what they were saying, my companion says I speak better Spanish then some other missionaries which I won´t deny I do but I’m still far from fluent.

I ended up sharing a scripture and testifying of the Book of Mormon and we left.

We do have the largest area. It takes us 30min to get to our area from our house. our area is probably, no IS the poorest and dirtiest (seriously so much dirt and dust) places I have ever been to….And I Love it! It honestly is so awesome. The members are so humble and great! I don´t know I just think it´s great! I even love all the walking!

Maybe not the dirt so much because it gets all over my shoes and pants but I honestly love our area.

So our teaching has been good. the language is an obvious hurdle but I feel even though I can´t always understand what they say I get the general idea and confirm it with my companion. it´s funny because we actually teach some people English on Wednesdays and it makes me feel better knowing that I’m not the only one struggling with a language.

btw I’m Elder Steiner’s last companion. I´m really trying to build a relationship with the members and their families and I feel that every time we go tracking or teach someone I get better at Spanish and that I gain more confidence and become a better teacher.

I really love it here. Sometimes I actually have to remind myself that I’m on my mission.

The people are so nice and giving. I feel really bad taking food from some of them because some of them don´t make too much money. I have not gone a day without someone giving me food or a snack for the road. I don´t know what else to say but they are just really nice people and are really humble and loving.
Things are really cheap here.. Some other things are the same price but it´s weird trying to convert the worth.

The Food is AMAZING!!!! Holy cow it is so good. We´ve had so much good food it´s ridiculous. Me and my companion are going to learn from this one member how to cook so hopefully when I get back I’ll be able to make some. The food is fantastic and they eat tortillas with everything, which I am going to miss because they get them fresh, literally there are tortillarias everywhere, and they are soo good. I love the food. candy and deserts not so much because it´s like really cheap candy and they add spice to everything which to be honest isn´t bad but I miss my rich real chocolate. I´m suprised i haven´t eaten anything too exotic here yet. but ya i´ll eat anything as long as it´s not alive. but i can´t wait to try everything!

But, yes parents, I am trying to stay healthy so salads and fruit too.

The days seem to just fly by. I can´t believe it´s already a week, there isn´t enough time in the day because we want to track and find investigators, we want to teach and help everyone and we want to help and teach the members too. Just too much to do in so little time.

All in all it is great. I love my mission, my area, my companion and roommates, my members and investigators. It´s been amazing and I hope I can be the best missionary I can be.

You are all always in my prayers and I hope that you are all great and having a great time.. I’m thinking of you every day as well.

Love: Elder (Davis) Turnbull


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