Christmas eve at the Mexico MTC

(Elders mom here; I can’t seem to backdate these older ones)
Christmas Eve Email from Elder Turnbull in the Mexico City Missionary Training Center: “It’s so amazing here. The flight here was nice. Like you guessed I did met up with some missionaries when I got to Dallas for my second flight. They were really nice. The first few days were really busy. A lot of introductions, orientations and meetings. I’m so tired but at the same time I’m so energized. the food is great. like I mean REALLY good. I love Mexican food. Dad would be jealous.

My companion Elder Ybañes is really nice. He’s from south of LA and going to the same mission as me. He’s a year younger and really smart. He knows alot of Spanish but we help each other out. The spirit is so strong here! Man I just can’t believe it. Still feels weird being a missionary but it’s great. I can’t wait to go out and help people. The language is a bit hard but I’m getting there. I’m finding myself thinking in Spanish sometimes. it’s really cool.

MY district is awesome. All Elders but we like it that way. Most of the guys are really funny and smart. I’m like the only one in the MTC from Canada (besides one Elder that’s leaving next week. He’s from Alberta.) Mexico city is nothing like Canada. so crowded but so far the people I have met are really nice.

I had to give a talk on Sunday in Spanish. it was hard but I learned alot from it and hope to become better. Just so many things have happened. I got to bless one of my district companions cause he was feeling sick. Just yes the spirit is so strong here. I’ll try to send pictures as soon as I can cause the MTC is so beautiful. But yes I’m having alot of fun here AND learning a lot!!
Miss all of you and you are in my prayers.

P.S. Tomorrow for Christmas I’ll be calling 2pm Mexico time so probably 3pm for you. Hopefully you get this before then. if not Merry Christmas!!!