Jan 7th Email

via email “Hola! I’m glad you like the pictures! I made a dropbox account and put a bunch of pictures on it so you can download them if you want. And ya, I really liked that quote on Obedience. It has helped me alot here at the CCM (Spanish way of saying the MTC)

I got the ties with the Pillow case! Thank you so much! I really like them so I don’t think I will trade. Other Elders from my district want them but I think I’ll hang on to them. Thank you so much again! and oh that´s great about the pillow and towels. thank you so much!

It´s funny here because the lowest is like 5 degrees and all the people from Mexico and southern states are all wearing jackets while I’m still in a short sleeved. It felt weird not having snow on Christmas and around this time of year. Anyways ya I´m sure Oliver (dog) loves the cold. My district is jealous of us having two husky’s.

and alright I can´t wait to get those letters!

Well the last week has been pretty interesting. A lot of working and preparing. New years was alot of fun. The people in Mexico know how to party. There was fireworks’ going off all night long. It sounded as if a war was going on. Even up to today fireworks are still going off! We all had a good time me and my district with the district that left last week. We´re gonna miss them.. Anyways it was sad seeing them leave but we got a new district and they´re really nice! I´m still the only Canadian so far in the CCM now. Being a zone leader isn´t that hard in the CCM. Just had to give the new district a talk and tell them that if they need help they can go to their district leader, me and my companion or the branch presidency. I report to the branch presidency. They´re really nice. They don´t really talk alot of English.

OH YA that reminds me they have a nickname for my mission. the ¨Minnesota¨ mission! the reason why they call it that is because there is a city inside our mission boundaries that´s called Nezahualcóyotl or Neza for short (you pronounce the z as an s). In Spanish when you want to say something is big you can add -ota to the end, Nezota, then when you want to say something is mine in spanish you say ¨mi¨so put it all together and it´s Minezota which sounds like Minnesota.
It´s not a common nickname. probably only my branch presidency calls it that but my companion keeps saying “ÿa we´re going to Minnesota for our mission” He thinks it´s really funny.

Sundays are great here. Church and Devotionals. Very relaxing and spiritual. We saw a talk Elder Holland gave to the Provo MTC which was super powerful! Like HOLY GHOST! He talked about the PMG (Preach my gospel) and how our missions were about us helping the investigator instead of reading from a script! I really hope it´s on the church website cause it was intense! Then we watched the John Tanner video from the church which was super spiritual as well. Elder Ybañez and I joined the choir and it´s been really nice. Apparently President Pratt and his wife are being released next week from being the Presidency of the CCM.

My teachers are wonderful. Hermano Gonzalez is really good at teaching and keeping us focused in the mornings. He’s a nice guy and mature. Hermano Zamudio is really cool. Fresh off his mission he´s more joking them Hermano Gonzalez. Both of them are really great teachers. They help us alot.

Also during our time here at the CCM we have the chance to teach actual people. (pretty sure i told you this already) but yesterday me and Elder Ybañez taught this young woman named Valaria (don´t know how to spell it. they talk really fast in Mexico) Anyways we taught her about prayer and I was able to bear a testimony about how prayer has blessed me in my life and to always have a prayer in your heart and she seemed to understand. I can sort of understand alot of spanish now. but I find myself loosing some english. but I still hope to get better in the next 3-4 weeks.

I love my District. They can be a bit rowdy and distracted but I blame that on the age. We had a fooseball tournament and it was intense. me and Elder Ybañez almost won …but then Elder Howell and Elder Gibson won by 2 points.

OH we went to the MexDSC00167ico City temple today! It was so nice! So spiritual. unfortunately we couldn´t go inside the temple cause it is under renovation but I talked with some people and in about 6 months it should be ready for rededication and since our mission is literally right next to the mission that that temple is in we might be able to go to the rededication! i cannot wait for that! But anyways we went through the visitors center and it was really beautiful! Got a few pictures! It´s really nice! I really wish we could´ve stayed longer because the visitors centre in México was just so cool! I love Mexico! Also btw really glad I’m not gonna drive in my mission because the roads here are CRAZY dangerous! Like holy cow I swear we almost died about 10 times as we went to the Temple!

but ya it´s been really great here at the CCM. Hasn´t really felt like i´m on my mission yet but that will probably come when i head out into the field. It´ll be pretty interesting i can tell you that much.
also btw if you could post on my facebook 2 things. 1) i´m pretty sure I accidentally told everyone that my email was .com instead of davis.turnbull@mylsdmail.net so can you post that and also ask everyone what their favorite scripture is and send me the results! That would be nice! Very supportive too! My favorite scripture now is 1 nephi 3:7 because it helps me motivate myself to do things even if it´s tough.DSC00130

One last experience I had on Tuesday! We have a devotional every tuesday at night. Elder Ybañez and I sang in the choir. (as I said we joined) We sang ¨I am a child of god/I believe in Christ¨ medley and it was so good! We also hear from one of the Area of seventy here in México. Elder Salinas. He and his wife gave a talk. She really brought in the spirit as she talked about her son that´s served in Scotland. How he´s struggled but gained a testimony of prayer. Then he came up to give a talk. (btw there was a translator for both of their talks) he had a talk all ready but then he started to cry and apologized to the translator that he has to change the entire talk he had written. He gave such an amazing talk! About how we as missionaries are doing the most important work. -How no matter who we were before it doesn´t matter. We are now new people and that we are ambassadors of the Lord. -He really brought in the spirit so much. He talked about a missionary that could barely speak spanish. but he even still brought people into the church because of how he brought in the spirit. It was really inspiring.

Well it´s been great here. The spirit is so strong here. The food is great. The weather is fantastic and the scenery is beautiful. I love being here in Mexico so far! I hope to be able to write you as soon as I can! I don´t know if i can print things up. I´ve been trying to see if i can but so far i don´t know.

Love:Elder Turnbull (Davis!)”