Saint Death is abit scary


Everything is going good. I am REALLY tired but not bad. Doing alot of teaching, walking and studying. But I like it. Ya the hand washing is loads of fun. What I wouldn´t give for a washing machine. But whatever. I can live with it. Food is great and learning how to cook Mexican food from a sister here in my area. I can´t wait to try and cook some of this food.

Our apartment is 2-3 storiesish, the staircase goes up to the living/kitchen/dining room and then another stairway to our bedrooms and balcony and then yet another staircase outside to where we wash our clothes.

It´s really nice but it’s also solid concrete so it gets a little cold in the morning. The showers! I miss at the showers back home because we have to turn on the boiler every morning and we run out of hot water fast.

My schedule is usually get up at 6:30, exercise and get ready until 8, study until 12, contact until 2, lunch appointments and then regular appointments until 8:30 and usually by 9-9:30 we get home and get ready for bed and all that. I usually study what we are going to teach that day so alot of preach my gospel and book of Mormon.

The branch is good. Not enough priesthood.

We do teach some English. Actually alot of people here try to speak English because most media and business is in English.

And currently we just teach these young women because they´re learning in school and we help with translating and explaining why it´s like that. Honestly I never realised how hard English is until now.

Things have been good here though. A few people we have contacted have accepted us. Don´t know if they´ll be investigators but yes.

Many people worship saints and one very common one here is Santa Muerte or Saint Death. Alot of people will have full sized skeletons dressed up in a dress and all that (apparently Santa Muerte is a woman) and have them on display in their yard or whatever in a glass case. It honestly made me jump a few times. Its a little scary looking.

Also another more aggressive religion is here and makes it hard because they have annoyed everyone and sometimes the people will say no but then talk to us after they find out we aren´t them which is funny. The people here are soo nice. The members are great and our investigators are really nice. The people here are so giving and humble it´s really nice.

Oh we went to the visitor’s center at the Mexico temple on Sunday which was great. Sadly none of our investigators came but some of our less actives did and they had a great time and the spirit was really strong. I cannot wait for the rededication of the temple! I don´t know it´s good but hard work here. I love it. I love México and hope that I can do my best.

Yes they do celebrate Valentines here. It was funny seeing all these young men trying to buy a bunch of balloons and teddy bears in the stores.

Yes it´s really warm here all the time. I´m afraid I will get accustomed to it. But if I do alright I guess.

But wow that is cold! Yes I’m sure Oliver and Sasha (*mom edit – our huskys) are cold. Glad I’m not walking the dogs in that.

And oh that sounds cool that you were baptized 29 years ago. Well I’m glad that that did happen because I love this gospel.

As for mailing me; the way the streets are here in México it might end up at someone else’s house if you send it to the casa so the mission address is probably the best.

I hope everything is going well over there and that the lord is with you.
I´m sending a letter so hopefully you´ll get it soon!
Love :Elder (Davis) Turnbull