An interesting week and pictures

Hey Mom, I haven’t gotten the letters yet but mail here is terrible. I’m told things often do show up but it takes its time. I don´t know my exact address but my area is in San Pablo in Chicoloapan next to the border between the south east mission and Chalco mission. (Moms edit; So mail to the mission address on the ‘write me’ link)
Here is a photo of my cool companion.

Studying and then ready to go! Woah.. how'd he do that?

Studying and then ready to go! Woah.. how’d he do that?

*The balcony pictures are from our place.

Our apartment is in here.

Our apartment is in here.

Top is where we wash & dry our clothes by hand.

Top is where we wash & dry our clothes by hand.

Elder S and I plus the other two missionaries we share the apartment with

Elder S and I plus the other two missionaries we share the apartment with -Jackets or shirts?

Well it was an interesting week. We had splits this week and I went with an Elder Trinidad from the Dominican Republic. He speaks very little English but I know enough Spanish that I was able to talk with him and we talked about how we apparently both love animes and manga. He´s really cool. I went with him to his area of service.

His area is a lot better off then mine. A lot of nice houses and people had washing machines and huge TVs and stuff that the people in my area don´t have. Alot more people to. We got a lot of contacts and appointments.

It was cool because people went right up to us and asked us who we are and we taught them abit about the gospel and sent up times to talk with them. Sadly I was only there for a day which means I won´t be able to help them but I have enough work in my own area so it´s fine.

We played basketball with a bunch of high school members at one of the high schools in Elder Trinidad’s area with a bunch of other missionaries. It was us vs. the kids of the high school. They were really good. A lot of fun but it was funny because the people in the high school were curious why a bunch of us were there cause most of us stick out like a sore thumb.

Halfway through the coach for gym came out and started helping them and eventually played too. It was a lot of fun and I hope we can do it again. But it was hard because the air quality here is really bad. The pollution here is really bad. Like I could run 7 km at home and not be as exhausted for air then running just 1 hour here. But oh wells, what can you do. It’s sad to think of what this does to people’s health.

And BTW, holy cow does Elder Trinidad like the room hot when he goes to sleep. He left the heater on all day with the door closed and Man it felt hotter than a sauna! How hot is the Dominican Republic? But anyways yes it was fun.

I love my area, it´s a harder lifestyle but it´s good.

Also when I got back we got a few more investigators so keep us in your prayers! Also one of our investigators and her daughter wants to be baptized this Saturday so I’m excited for that.

My Spanish is becoming better. Everyday a little by little. Hopefully the members say I’m a lot better than some other missionaries that have been new in the past so that´s really comforting. I hope I get more fluent though.

We went to the temple again to get more hymnos (*Hymn books) and triples (*Books with all the Scriptures in them) for the people in our area. I really love the temple and can´t wait for the re-dedication.

Do you see me?

Do you see me?

Seatbelts? What are those?

Seatbelts? What are those?

Mexico City Temple is behind. It should be rededicated this year.

Mexico City Temple is behind. It should be rededicated this year.

The people here are so nice and they keep giving us stuff. Almost every appointment they give us some kind of food, fruit, sweets or whatever. I always feel a little guilty but the people are very insistent and want to so yes. I haven’t gotten used to this generosity.

But yes everything is going really well. Learning a lot. Really feeling the spirit and working hard. Hope things are going great!

Wow it is cold back home. I guess I took the heat with me down here cause it´s been really nice here. And ahhhhh nice. 😉

Please tell everyone that I have very little computer time but I love the letters. I usually have to rush my replies. But ya, please write. I may just get a whole bunch of letters at once.

Always praying for you.

Love: Elder Davis Turnbull