My first Baptism

Hola! My week has been good! Alot happened. My week has been interesting.

I got sick this week too. I was just dead. I had no energy to do anything. It was horrible. I was bed ridden for awhile. I am not used to being sick.

But we had a baptism this DSCN2529week! Saturday! We baptized a woman and her 9 year old daughter! I still had no energy to do anything but I went and did it anyways. It was hard on me but when we baptized them it was GREAT. I baptized the little girl.

It was incredible but I really wished more people showed up to the baptism. I think when I get back I’m going to go to every baptism just to show support to the converts.

We had our zone conference with all the missionaries in our area. This was quite interesting. We watched meet the Mormons in Spanish! Great movie I highly suggest it! The Mission President is sooo cool. I really like him and his wife is super nice. He went over how we need to be obedient and things like that. It was good but it was a long day.

We taught alot of people here this week. We found some more awesome contacts that want to be taught which is cool!

The problem is thaDSC00667t everyone in our area is always working because they need to otherwise they can´t afford food and such. So most people are either never home or don´t have much time to talk. Its a difficult life.

Oh for our last p-day, before I got sick, we went to central which is this huge tourist area in México City. It was so cool! We went with some other elders and some young men from the branch. Man, the rich areas of México are nice but there are cops everywhere.

DSC00682I just loved it. The mixture of old and modern buildings. We ended up walking an hour and a half to get Wendy’s…it was their idea Mom. Just so you know.

Then we took a taxi to this plaza with so much cool stuff! There was so much shopping there. I would´ve loved to get so many things! Suits, watches, glasses, memorabilia and ect. It was crazy but then we went home and we were all tired, but yes it was worth it.

Ahhh sounds cold. People here when I tell them how cold it gets there they´re like DSC00685shocked. But yes really happy for the weather here.

And wow I really hope Carson doesn´t get taller than me. It´s strange because everyone here is pretty short. But no, he´s not allowed growing anymore. He needs to stay short like Laura.

And oh fun. Man time is going fast. That will be weird when I come back and she´ll be in university and Carson in high school!

The husky next door was a really awesome dog. But I found out that it died a few days ago which made me sad. But I guess it was better then it suffering the summers here.

All in all it was interesting and weird this week.

Hope yours is great! Always have you in my prayers!

Love: Elder (Davis) TurnbullDSC00669DSC00688