Papa-dron, Quinceañera & Gringos

DSC00692I´m really glad it was a good week. Sounds like a lot of fun. and ya it was really nice to see Gabby (Elder Padron)  again.  It´s cool being in the same mission as someone i know. Apparently some missionaries call him ¨Papa-dron¨ and oh fun stuff.

I’m definitely going to have the missionaries over a lot more when i get back. Oh cool so the sister is from england then? That’s great that you are trying to help them. Elder Steiner has been a pretty good companion.
This week has been kinda slow but good. We got a new investigator who is really nice and she really gets into our lessons. the problem is she´s like so into the tradition of worshiping idols of the Virgin Mary and the Virgin Guadalupe it´s hard to teach her that we are only supposed to worship God the Father. but  hopefully as she learns more she´ll realize that.
DSC00714 DSC00723 DSC00726 DSC00733 DSC00736 We had a family home evening this week which i think went really well. We went to a part member families house with our whole district (aka 6 missionaries) the family asked me and my comp to share a message on family so i decided to do the Egg/book thing where you put 4 or 5 eggs on their tip and put a flat book on top of them, the eggs will be able to handle a lot of weight as long as they´re together but once you take out one or two the eggs will crack and break so we paralleled that with the family and how a family can share burdens together and make everything easier and ya. then we played a game with flour, where you put the flour into like a mountain shape, then put a round candy on the top. then with a knife you cut the flour to make the mountain smaller and the person who makes the candy move has to eat it but with no hands, my comp lost once and i took a video (hopefully it works) but ya that was fun.
DSC00742Then we went to a Quinceañera which is a huge party here for girls who turn 15. we were only able to stay a little because we had to go back home because it was getting late but ya these people go all out for these parties! Totally going to do that if I ever have a daughter. Also the Food here is amazing! we are teaching this one family who own a little restaurant that we pass by every day on our way back home and they asked if we were hungry, they gave us these things called Gringas (Gringo is slang for a white person from the States) and it was SOOOOO good! it was like meat, pineapple, onions and idk what else but it was soo good. The family is awesome as well and it was really nice. People kept looking at us though. it´s funny how people always stare at me and my companion. Like i know there isn´t much diversity here but it´s just funny. Cab drivers always stop us to ask if we want a ride, people will just try to talk to us in english (sometimes with not very nice words) or they just stare at us.
Honestly it´s funny. Who knows what they think of us?
Unfortunately there is a lack of a decent education here.  It´s definitely different culturally here. Maybe just because in Canada we have so many different cultures I got used to the diversity.
but ya it´s been a nice week. I can´t wait for General conference.
I hope you have a great week!
Praying for all of you!
Lover Elder Davis Turnbull