Awesome families in mexico

DSC00758Oh fun stuff! I miss the dogs! but the photo shoot sounds like a lot of fun. I´m sure the dogs loved the weather then. well that sounds like a great adventure. I´m sure Oliver enjoyed it once he got in. I can just see Sasha squirming. I really miss those dogs. I saw a husky today which made me miss them. but ya i´m sure poo dogs aren´t very good smelling. and well I´m sure it was interesting to say the least.

Laura going to her last EFY? Oh I really loved youth conferences. Those were fun. I hope i can be a leader when i get back! and ya i told laura to stop growing btw so no it´s not her last conference. she´s going to be 17 forever. same as Carson is going to be 13 forever. and oh that sounds great! i feel bad i missed Dads birthday. But i hope it was really great.
and THANKS.. Also got the Easter packages finally! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I really needed the proactive and all the stuff you sent me! the scripture markers, vitamins, laundry bag, candy and CHOCOLATE!!!!!!
I literally died when i say that! I´m trying my best to make it last because the chocolate here isn´t as good! i opened the bag and just like died of happiness after smelling it! thank you so much!
This week has been really nice. Our investigators and less actives have been more happy and progressing. We taught this one family who haven’t been coming because they didn´t know where the church was ever since they moved there. We got to know them and they are just really nice, they have a 6 year old daughter that is just sweet, really funny and kind. we talked and I mentioned how i was from Canada and how i liked skiing and skating. Apparently the family had gone skating once for a holiday at the mall and they were falling and trying to hold on to the sides. They found it fun though, the daughter loved it though and said she loves the snow and all of that and kept asking me how to ski, skate, what sports and games did i do in the snow. I felt bad though because she may never get the opportunity to find out for herself, but they family was really nice and kind. They also came to church which was great!
Then we also are most likely going to baptize this weekend!!! One of our investigators who´s the only one who isn´t a member in him family accepted and has been going to church and been really paying attention when we teach him and his family. It´s great to because before he used to smoke a pack a day but now he´s only smoked maybe 2 or none at all daily! I’m really excited for that so his family can be sealed next year!
Another family we had contacted last week and had set an appointment with them this saturday was really great. we showed up ontime and the daughters answered and said that their parents weren´t home but were going to be there in 10-15 min. so we wait and they arrive, we hadn´t met the dad yet and we were worried because a lot of the time they either don´t want anything to do with us or just are really possessive and jealous. but, they had just come from getting groceries and we offered to help carry the water in their house. The dad got out and right off the bat he was just so nice. We helped them with that and then asked if there was anything else we could help with, he asked ¨anything?¨ and we said yes, and we ended up helping him move some couches to the second floor and putting in lightbulbs. We then sat down and started talking and getting to know each other.
They´re a family of 7, the mom, dad and 5 daughters. The oldest is married and not living there and the youngest is 6. In fact the day we visited them it was the youngest daughters birthday! We said happy birthday and we really hit it off with the family! They were so nice and kind and social!
The parents then asked us to stay for dinner, which was amazing! We also got to know some of the daughters boyfriends, husbands and friends. they were all just so nice. they asked us to stay for cake and for their daughters birthday party. we stayed and it was just so nice i couldn´t stop smiling! we asked the dad afterward if him and his family wanted to come to church with us the next day. they had heard a little about our religion and were a bit curious. The dad said he didn´t know about his older daughters but him, his wife and their two youngest would! we decided to go get them early to show them around the chapel and tell them what was going to happen. We left that house so happy! it was amazing! We have hope that we are going to see them again! but ya it´s been a good week.
Hope you have a great week!
Love Elder Davis Turnbull!