March 9th Email on Baptisms, Recipes & Lack of Pianists

Looking good!Hola!

Well the girls name I baptized is Emili. It was really nice and she is a sweet girl. It was hard because of being sick and in pain but really wonderful too. I feel it´s true what they say about baptisms that everything goes wrong just before a baptism. I got sick; they didn´t have baptismal clothing but eventually we did it and it was really nice.

I was reciting the baptismal praying in Spanish so much beforehand! It was good though cause she just trusted me and listened and it went smoothly. My companions not so much, he had to immerse her mother in the water 3 times because he had accidentally made her paranoid that she would hit her head on something so she didn´t trust him that much but it went well. Eventually.

I was really glad they finally got baptized. It was crazy but I’m really happy and I hope it won´t be the last.

The difference about baptisms here is that people don´t have money for refreshments afterward or anything so they don´t do that like we do but other than that it´s all the same but in Spanish. I just wish more members would show up.

They mostly sing while we changed into dry clothes but because no one here knows how to play the piano they´re all kind of tone deaf and I say this in the nicest way. Let just say it´s very different in sacrament because of that especially without a piano.

Anyways this week was alright. I got sick again so that was hard to deal with. We had a zone conference with more training and this week we went to Neza (the long named city but cannot spell it) for a meeting with all the new missionaries in the mission.

I saw Elder Gibson, Ybañez and all the other missionaries in my generation here in the mission! It was really nice to see them again and apparently they´ve eaten some weird things like armadillo and chicken hearts. I haven´t yet but I think that´s because the people in my area are too poor to buy that kind of stuff. We didn´t have that much time to talk because we all had appointments.

This week we had a lot of people canceling on us or not being there. It´s has been a hard week. But I know that we can do better. This Sunday a few of our families and one of our investigators came which was awesome!

I have to remember to understand the culture. Because the people are always working here (they have to otherwise they don´t have enough for just the basics) so it’s hard to actually find time to meet with us. We are teaching the rest of Emilis family but they´re a bit harder to get meetings with. It´s sad.

We didn´t get that much success which sucked but we´re trying and I guess that´s all Heavenly Father asks.

I´m really glad everything is going well at home. I would love to go rock climbing! Its good Carson is doing all that! Orangeville is such a great ward. It will be interesting to know which university Laura will accept. Keep me informed. I am sure she will. haha

I´m not looking forward to the really hot weather here. I’d take the cold over the heat but I’m sure it won´t be too bad. Yes Parents, I´m am doing my best to write everything down and working hard.

Elder Steiner is getting ready to head back in 6 weeks and I´m starting to get the hang of the language. I am just worried about the language when he goes home since my next companion could be Spanish speaking. Once I get that language barrier down my mission will be 1000 times less stressful. It´s been interesting to learn. I´m so glad I learned French and a little bit of Spanish before coming out here. Just can´t wait to come back and re learn French and maybe Japanese. But ya things are going well. Hopefully we will get better success this week. I hope your week is great!

I could really really use some recipes that don’t require an oven. We have lots of fresh vegetables. Can you please email me some.

Love Elder Davis Turnbull

Oh btw thanks for the Scentsy stuff! I knew it was for me the moment I saw the Scentsy tape! But I haven´t gotten anything else yet. The mail system here is difficult and yes I can print stuff up. Just costs money. Also can you send more pictures? Of my mission call, family events and just stuff in general. (Eldersmom note: we sent him pictures through the missionary mail package company since the mail system is “difficult”)

Can you see Elder Turnbull?