My weeks are always interesting

Yes that family is amazing! They haven´t been able to go to church yet because of work but they are so amazing! We visited them again and they gave us a tour of their house and just talked about so many things, they are so genuinely nice! We ate dinner with the11194455_974243285933063_4209983611918521499_om and talked and helped them wash dishes and a few other things. A bird accidentally flew into the house at one point which was fun. But we got it out. Then he gave us a ride in the back of his pick up truck because it was really late. It was really cool. I think they´ll definitely be awesome members!

And yes thank you so much! Yes the chocolate is still around! I’m going to make sure it lasts me for a while because it´s really chocolate! And yes I’ve been using the proactive and it definitely helps. But thanks for everything! I seriously love everything!

Elder Stiener is leaving the 29th but our changes are on the 28th and that´s when I get my new companion. He´s starting to get a little emotional’. We´re going to visit a lot of families this week before he goes. I really have no idea if I’m moving or what is happening. We are losing almost half of our missionaries in the next few months and only getting a few so they are closing down a few areas and I’m pretty sure mine is one of them. But still am not sure.

Oh Nauvoo sounds amazing! I really miss it. The pageant and all the places we visited. It was a really great trip. I miss the Palmyra pageant too. Wish I had gone once more before I came out but I guess I’ll go when I come back.

DSC00783The city here is so great! I love the city! Especially the city here! So many cool buildings and shops. I didn´t buy much though, nothing really caught my eye and didn´t want to buy anything just for the sake of buying it. I have more time to go back anyways. But yes we went to this area, don´t know what it´s called other then the ¨tengies¨ (which we have everywhere here), but it was really big and you can get so many things for really cheap! We went to an area which was just ROWS of watches! Dad would have died. Yes some were fake but they had a lot of nice originals and other watches for cheap. It´s fun to negotiate the price. I feel like the guys from ¨pawn stars¨. And alright thanks!

Sarah’s skating show sounds awesome! I miss skating. There´s this one young woman in our branch that really wants to learn how to skate like figure skating. When I told her that Sarah knew how she asked me that when I come back to bring Sarah with me so she can teach her! It was funny. So tell Sarah to have a passport when I get back. Haha!

and awww that is hard for Carson to see his friends go to leadership week. I remember that with my friends. Only because they were a year or so older. But hopefully he´ll have fun next year! Wait he´s going to leadership next year! No he´s like 6! That´s crazy!

This week was nice. Talked with a few families and are reactivating a very less actives. Sadly people get offended really easily so some people won´t go to church because of what they thought other people said or did. It´s sad but I think they´re starting to get over it a few.

Oh one of the Elders I live with Elder Contraras has gotten me sucked into soccer! We watched a few games while on divisions at lunch and dinner appointments and I got right into it! We watched Mexico vs. USA and of course I rooted for Mexico but they lost which was a bummer. (and after all those years of pushing me to go to soccer camp) But yes I love it now.

ALSO Like this blew my mind but one of the families we visit a lot and making good progress, their daughter is getting married. But wait there´s more and that isn´t the mind blowing part, She´s 16! 16!!!!! She´s not doing it because of anything bad, just simply doesn´t want to live at home anymore and stuff like that! We were like speechless! Because we love this family and are there all the time helping them and teaching them! I was like ¨If my sister even thought about getting married at 16 or 17 I’d be like NO!¨

but I tried to be loving about it, we taught about the responsibility of marriage and families and that before doing it we asked her to pray about it sincerely about it and she said she would. So hopefully things will work out but who knows. I was sad though because I´m really starting to love the people we teach so much.

DSC00833 (2)But onto something uplifting we went to the Pyramids today! It was a lot of fun! It´s also really close to! But yes we got there around 12ish and when I saw the pyramid of the sun I was like wow that´s big! It was honestly so beautiful there!

I loved it! I love the history of the Mayans, aztecs and other ancient civilizations. We climbed the sun pyramid and man was it hard! The steps were steep. I think a few Aztecs have fallen on those steps and died! But the view was amazing and can only imagine what it looked like back then.

Also a lot of tourist which I found cool. A few from Korea, Germany, DSC00847Russia and France. Actually to be honest when I hear people speaking French I wished I could speak it again. It was like meeting an old friend and I really want to re learn it when I get back. Maybe even out here because I find I’m remembering a lot of French while learning Spanish. But of course after I master Spanish.

We also met a few other missionaries, 4 from our mission and 2 sister missionaries from a mission I actually can remember. but they brought I think investigators with them which I thought was smart because it is the history of the lamanites and depending how far you go back nephites and jaradites as well! It was crazy to think that the Prophets of old, Alma, Mosiah, Moroni or others could have stood where I was standing. But DSC00875yes a lot of walking and a lot of sun and fun. I loved going to the museum and learning about the culture and other things. But yes it was a lot of fun.
Sorry if it’s hard to read I find as I’m learning Spanish I’m forgetting English.

I hope you have a great week!
Love Elder Davis Turnbull