Visiting People to say goodbye

11143290_10204331081416388_7540959027325416671_oThis week has been interesting. We are doing just a lot of running around seeing people because Steiner is leaving. A lot of people cried. They were sad for me as well because they are closing my area because we don´t have enough missionaries. In the coming months we are going to lose almost half our mission. So I´m heading to a different zone so that will be fun.

We saw a lot of people and took pictures. I´m going to miss these people. Honestly some of them were so nice! I hope that I can see them again. A lot of people I just want to make sure that they end up being happy and blessed. Steiner is kind of freaking out and nervous. I keep teasing him on how the next step is to get married and he keeps telling me to be quiet. It´s hilarious. But yes I’m going to miss him.

11149611_10204331081376387_426539258160904355_oWe baptized this week a brother whose family were all members except him. He is really nice and their family loves us. I was nervous because he asked me to confirm him. My Spanish is a lot better than before but not perfect yet. I did my best though, fasted and prayed. It was really nice though. Yes there were a few grammatical errors but it was understood. I can´t wait until I don´t have to worry about knowing the language and can just do it. That was a really great experience though. I love that family and hope that in a year that they can be sealed.

I´m going to miss the house I live in now because it´s so nice. Especially the roof. You can see so much from there and I love watching the fireworks at times here from that roof..

11109801_10204331084256459_131064356110222113_oBut it´s has been really hot here! And it´s just going to get hotter! One elder who´s from Alberta who is going home as well this week told me that I’ll get used to it. I personally prefer the cold. I miss the snow. But yes not too much other than that. It´s been really nice here and am looking forward to the future!

Always praying for you all!11206702_10204331083456439_3940433537880691128_o

Love Elder Davis Turnbull