Baptisms of the Two Luis’s and different Birthday traditions

Elders mom note: we just had some very short emails over May 2015 as Elder Turnbull first changed areas and companions (Elder Garcia who is also going home soon) and then they suddenly had to find a new place and move asap. We also got to skype the week after Mothers day which was awesome but it meant a shorter email since we had talked as much as we could in the time we had.

Luis! B! I loved teaching this guy. Such a great family too!

Luis! B! I loved teaching this guy. Such a great family too!

“Sorry for last week! Didn´t have the chance to get to write much with everything doing on! I went to central again because Elder Garcia wants to get a few things before going home.

But these last few weeks went really well. We baptized both weeks. The first was a man named Luis. Really nice man. He does the things he says he is going to do which is refreshing. Also since his baptism we´ve started teaching his family! His kids, wife, parents and siblings in law. they are really nice and I think they´re going to accept the gospel really well. I´m excited for them. Also a lot of less active members have been coming to church as well. I´m really happy for that and a lot of people we have been teaching.
It´s been tough a little bit though just because of the language barrier at times. I´m a lot better then i used to be thank goodness but I still have a ways to go.
I learned so much from Luis S. Teaching and baptizing him was a great experience.

I learned so much from Luis S. Teaching and baptizing him was a great experience.

This week was really nice. We baptized that man i told you about. The one that has a very bad and is in the late stages of Diebeties (think that´s how you spell it. the same thing Granddad has) He has lost his sight, his teeth, also he can´t move very well without feeling pain. somethings he can´t move at all if it´s too cold. Well we have been teaching him and he has been amazing. He remembers everything and does everything he is able to do. He makes me really grateful and humble for what i can do that he can´t. We baptized his this week which was a miracle. Because it was chilly both days and we were worried that he wouldn´t be able to move but he made it and so we got him to the baptismal tank but because he can´t move that well me and Garcia both had to get into the font. Garcia did the ordinance and i made sure that he went all the way under. i had to hold down his legs in the water. but afterward he was so happy and grateful. I will probably always remember this. Luis S. He is really great.

The days are getting colder and wet. Also my studying and everything have gotten better. But it was funny this week because

Elder Garcia and I. Birthday Buddies!

Elder Garcia and I. Birthday Buddies!

since i´m new to this area a bit this one family we teach 9 who´s an active part less active family) we went with for a lunch appointment. Well they knew that Elder Garcia was heading home and that his birthday was coming up too.

So they got him a cake with his name on it and everything. It was so very nice of them.

but it was funny because it was us, the family and the zone leaders (we are in the same ward) and the family started asking the rest of us our birthdays, they get to me and ask ¨So what month is your birthday Elder Turnbull¨ I answered June and they laugh because they thought i was joking just so i could get a bigger piece of the cake but then me and the other elders are like ¨No seriously Hermanos his birthday is the 8th¨ and they were like ¨Ohhhh….Welll Happy birthday then!¨

Yum. Birthday cake!

Yum. Birthday cake!

We took pictures and stuff but it was just funny because the Happy birthday song is different here and also they don´t have the blowing out the cake tradition. Instead the birthday person takes a bite out of the cake. Apparently they try to shove your head into the cake while they do it but they were nice because they ended up having Elder Garcia and I share the cake.

I can’t see pushing faces into cakes at home. Mom, I can see your face right now.
The cake down here is nice but it´s kind of well… undercooked. They like it that way here for some reason. Mushy wet cake. but whatever it was CHOCOLATE so I can´t complain.
but ya things are good here. Been busy and learning a lot. I can´t believe Laura is going to university soon and Carson to high school! that´s just crazy! .

The ward is great. They are trying to involve the ward in missionary work which is great. My comp and I like talking and discussing different things on a wide range of topics from video games to church stuff to people. it´s nice to talk to someone about that stuff. This new area has a lot more people which i like.

It was hard to walk from one side of my old area to the other and not encounter anyone.
Love Elder Turnbull