Crazy, Beautiful, difficult week

Hola Mama,

My week has been so crazy and busy. I am soooooo tired!!! But it´s great because we´ve met so many new people and have new investigators. Most are mothers. They are really nice and it´s great to have new people to teach. One woman accepted everything we´ve said. Sadly no one came to church because of father’s day. Strange because you´d think it´s father’s day so shouldn´t we show respect and gratitude for the father of our body and of our spirit? Step by step.

I’m glad Fathers day went well. I loved that Carson made it extra special and made Laura wait too. Oh dinner.
I miss the food from home. Yes the food here is really good but it´s always the same thing. I like variety.

That sounds like a good idea to have a leader take everyone down to the Young Single Adult. I kind of wish I had something like that to help me into YSA. But sounds like Laura is having fun. YSA looking back was a lot of fun. sigh i guess i have to accept the fact i´m getting older. sigh…

I´ve noticed here that making friends is so important! She needs to get over her shyness and make friends.

Oh cool about Peters baptism! That´s good you are giving a talk! My suggestions? Off the top of my head; if it´s on baptism just share how it´s the end of his old life and now he gets a fresh slate and is now a new person and will be able to do a lot. If it´s on the spirit then talk about the gifts of the Holy Ghost, how he can comfort us and guide us. And always end with a testimony. Make it personal.

This week I´ve improved my Spanish a lot ad feel like I’m doing better as a missionary. It´s been crazy
I feel like I’m coming closer to Christ as well as a person. It´s honestly been one of the hardest weeks but also one of the best I’ve had here. It´s odd; but I don´t mind. I just hope I can be a better missionary.DSC01055

Love Elder Davis Turnbull