No more hand washing

I am trying to take more pictures but i am boring and never really do-anything picture worthy. but i do try when i remember.

ya the Family L  is really cool and told me about friending you on fb. yes she ́s the mom. they help us out a lot. They ́re a really cool family.
yes those quotes help alot actually. <sigh> it seems to come in waves this problem. All many of our investigators tell us about their problems with their spouse and all that. i think it ́s something in the water all at once. but yes we trying to help them out as much as we can. thanks for the ideas!
oh nice! i miss the snow. everyone keeps asking me about weather it ́s always cold and i tell them no but half the year more or less.
Some  long-term investigators  now want to be baptized but we are trying to see why because sometimes it ́s not for the right reasons. also a lot of children  that need us to baptize for various reasons.  Some families that are really cool. though one Fam  are a little frustrating because they accept everything and are reading and praying but every time Sunday comes around something pops up and they can ́t go.
ahhhhh its discourage when people don ́t show up.
Also one guy we found who is living with an less active. He ́s got one heck of a story, he used to live in New york as a waiter, delivery guys and stuff like that. has worked in the best restaurants. but he has broken i think every law that they have over there. he ́s falsified money, IDs, he ́s stolen, he ́s extortion, he ́s even been involved with a bunch of other stuff, he was even 4 or 5 blovcks away from the twin towers were hit. but he ́s all calmed down now, says he wants to be a good example for his family and he ́s been quitting alcohol and drunks. a really chill guy, down to earth.  You wouldn ́t think with his history but he ́s really cool and really likes it when we come over.
YES! Laundry we are washing with the fam –  because they have a washing machine. so we wash with them because it ́s easier. I am so grateful!12674163_932993416779852_87959186_n (2)
ya my eyes are fine. One set of glases are a little crooked but the other is fine so it should be alright. alright will do. and  our YM getting ready for a mission; he ́s not going out for a year. for personal reasons but he wants to go out and we are helping him not get discouraged. It happens. I just pray he stays strong.
well Love you! always praying for you.
Love Elder Davis Turnbull