My ‘son’ has left! and who got shot?

Ya it was sad when we were told Elder Vasquez had changes. but hopefully that his visa comes soon. no he ́s going to utah, st.George.. but ya it was really cool being with him. my favorite companion so far. He ́s really cool.

oh ya, the boy who said I helped him he ́s the son of one of my converts. He ́s a cool kid from my last area. i miss that family.
I hope i can do the student exchange so i can study a semester here so that is can also visit the people here. 3 birds with one stone, school, spanish and visit people.
well i get my new comp tomorrow so i ́ll let you know next week. but i ́m still here in barrio neza. This will be 6 months now which is cool because WE HAVE BAPTISMS THIS WEEK.
i ́ll have baptized 7 people counting this next week so far here. Its really cool
but first let me tell you about this week. So we were working hard to  set up everything for the baptism for the 3 kids that we baptized this week but it was a lot of fun. Stressful but fun and everything worked out fine and a lot of people came. Family that are inactive came and we are going to try and bring them back to the fold. It was really cool. Vazquez baptized 2 of them and me one.
It was cool seeing Vazquez baptizing for the first time but he almost killed the kid because he almost hit the font with the kids head. It was kinda funny but everything worked out. it was really cool. a really good experience (well maybe not the head bump but he won’t forget it) . DSC03675DSC03676.JPG
Though it kind of sad that some investigators didn ́t come to church because someone shoot one of their family members. kind of understandable why they didn ́t go…. (um yeah someone got SHOT!)  but still very sad that that happened. Church can be so comforting.
Then Thursday we had a really cool experience. we went to the temple with some investigators and some members. it was really awesome. It was cool because the majority of us were of the same age 18 to 22. it felt like being with my group of friends again. but it was cool because we went and took a tour of the visitors center (btw is there a visitors center in our temple?) afterward we were talking with them when one of our investigators, the young woman D, we ́ve been teaching her for a bit and she started to fall but we just started reading the Book of Mormon with her and she has been growing.
well she came up to us and we asked what she thought and she said she really liked it and then she got a little quite and what she said i don ́t think i ́m going to forget. She said” ̈I feet really good…well the third of April is my birthday….it ́s a Sunday…..i want to be baptized that day. i got my answer and i ́ve decided this is what i want.” ̈ me and my comp were speechless and were so happy! the whole day we were like YAY WOHO!!!! DSC03673
then Sunday we were talking with them about her baptism and her grandmother, who we ́ve been teaching (well the missionaries have been teaching FOREVER) said she wants to be baptized as well on the same day! it was like YES! it was really cool. So we are going to baptized them in between the two sunday sessions so people can be there. it ́s going to be awesome! i ́m so excited. hopefully everything works out alright. so that was my Easter.
 awww that hard for you guys to lose power for so long. Definitely an experience. something to remember and . oh ya totally I get it. i feel that on a daily basis here. some people here don ́t have bathrooms with doors, running water, or even a toilet seat. Like seriously some houses with all girls and they don ́t have a toilet seat?  like really that would be the first thing i ́d buy. but it ́s kind of crazy.
love you!
love Elder Davis Turnbull
p.s. sorry we were saying goodbye to the people in our area for elder vazquez so don ́t have much time.